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Life Right 3-bedroom units for sale. This means that you and your partner will live in the unit until the longest living partner passes away or becomes impaired.

The house is then sold by the Governing Body and 80% of the selling price (if you have occupied the unit for more than 36 months) is paid out to your estate. The total value is worked out on a pro-rata basis if you have occupied the unit for less than 36 months.

Size and cost: 

  • WHITE HOUSES: 126 sq. m sells for R1,570.030.00
  • BROWN HOUSES: 121 sq. m sells for R1,126,140.00 to R1,334,845.00


  • Each unit has a lockable garage.
  • The white houses has a braai area and an enclosed washroom.
  • Some of the brown units do not have an enclosed washroom but can be enclosed at own cost.
  • The whit houses consist of a full en-suite bathroom and shower and toilet.
  • The brown houses consist of a full en-suite bathroom and bath and toilet.

Monthly Costs:

The monthly costs are R1,970.00 (brown houses) and R2,050.00 (white houses)  and includes:

  • Insurance and maintenance on the exterior of the units. The life right owner is responsible for the maintenance of the interior of the unit.
  • All municipal services like sewerage- and refuse removal and availability of water and electricity.
  • Water and electricity usage is for the account of the life right owner.

Extra Costs:

  • Meals are served at R65pp every Thursday. In case you are ill, meals can be ordered and delivered to your unit. The meals are R65.00pp and delivery will cost R10.00.
  • a R15.00 fee is charged monthly for the availability of nursing staff in case of an emergency.  Nursing services are available at a very low minimal fee (R30.00 per visit and R40.00 per bath/shower).
  • An annual fee of R30.00 is charged for membership for the use of the hair salon and clinic care in Jeffreysrus where you will have access to the services at an affordable price. This fee is mandatory.
  • Each owner has to purchase a remote for the gate at R300.00. Each new resident has to make a contribution of R220.00 towards security.

Prospective buyers must be 60 years or older and be able-bodied.

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